Common Myths

  • Republicans are against unions
    Republicans are not always anti-union, but generally side with big business over the interests of labor. But lost in much of the discussions, is the awareness that big business usually consists of unions of owners. These owners collectively bargain with their employees, either with the employees singly or in groups. Quite often those groups of employees are not based on unions, but instead on bureaucratic determinations made by the corporation. Republicans, and often Democrats, will side with the more powerful union of owners against the employees. Why is there a false understanding of corporations? Because clearly the market supports unions of owners over individual large owners and because of decades of misconceptions often fostered by corporations. Somehow many believe unions of owners are efficient and unions of employees or consumers are inefficient. Of course, democracy, a system based on the equality of humans, can be portrayed as inefficient in the short terms and tyranny of the powerful much more efficient. And that gets to the main distinction in the form of unions of owners versus employees, generally corporations are anti-democratic (power decided by wealth) versus unions of labor or consumers (power decided by people).
  • Republican leaders are against regulations
    Look it up, regulations are essentially laws. What Republicans tend to be against are both laws and regulations that force corporations to favor protecting life over profits. Republicans tend to be strongly for regulations and laws that protect corporation profits and protect corportations being held accountable by a democratic society.
  • Social Security is running out of money
    Repeating a lie doesn't make it so. Williams repeats the myth that Social Security is running out of money despite evidence and protestations to the contrary by Krugman. Unfortunately this myth is designed to allow a wealthy minority to steal the savings of generations of Americans.

Cures for the common myth

  • HeadlineUpdate
    William Klein tears apart the headlines to get to the real story.
  • On the Media
    Show that savages co-opted and self-censored media coverage.
  • RIP - Wall Street Journal
    Until recently, perhaps, the best newspaper in the United States. Murdoch decided to squeeze the life out of this golden goose. Previously had fantastic muckracking pieces. The ruling class preferred WSJ to the whitewashed and watered down mass media.
  • Technorati

    Hidden among the millions of blogs and RSS feeds is the vox populi.

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Here is a source reporting the kinds of practices that are
reported in NEWSWEEK going on routinely. This is a
NONanonymous source (see web citation)and extremely
credible. Let's see if this info gets its proper attention
in the mass media, now that the doctrine of seditious
libel (libel against the state where the greater the
truth the greater the libel) is going full force,
not that it has been unenforced throughout the past half
century and more.

It is interesting that the issues of condemning NEWSWEEK are
taken so virulently by the right. This is NOT like the
"Rathergate" issue as that merely was reporting something
everyone knew and no one cared about. This is a real story
of great importance that it is clear the powers that pee
are seeking to suppress. The reaction should be to bombard
the mainstream media with this kind of info, and press
it on call-in radio (especially to mainstream stations),
letters to the editor, blogging sites, and of course,
protests targeting the mass media for its servility.
It is a very good illustration of how news is suppressed,
something even more repugnant as a desecration than the
original. After all, it is bad enough to repress someone's
religion or ideology, and another not to come clean about
it and admit the particular acts or practices involved;
then the public can determine the proper response, rather
than have the powerful determining everything according
to their own whims and predilictions:

Asif says that `"it was impossible to pray because initially
we did not know the direction to pray, but also given that
we couldn't move and the harassment from the guards, it was
simply not feasible. The behaviour of the guards towards our
religious practices as well as the Koran was also, in my
view, designed to cause us as much distress as possible.
They would kick the Koran, throw it into the toilet and generally
disrespect it."

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